NANO the technology of the 21st century

The word nano roots in the Greek language and means something similar to Dwarf.
A nanometre is the millionth part of a millimetre, or in other words, a Nano particle is in comparison much, much smaller than a soccer ball in to the earth.
Under the term Nanotechnology we understand the work on structures underneath 100nm extension, which already show aspects of effects of quantum mechanics.
The Nanotechnology is said to be the key technology in the 21 st century, and it is already in use in biotechnology, chemistry, medicines, sensory, material branch etc.

Surface with Nano-coating

"normal" surface
How does the new Nano technology work on the surface?

We copied the Nano technology from nature. The plate sized leafs of the Lotus are never totally soaked with water. On the contrary, water trickles down the leaf like small marbles on glass, and the leaf is dry and clean again in a second.
If you look through a Nanoscope, you can see that these leafs show a very fine structure on the surface through which the water is able to trickle off and take dirt particles with it.
And exactly this technique is use by us to make a smooth surface water- and dirt repellent.

These particles structure, by rubbing them in and afterwards polishing, themselves so, fine that they are only visible in a special microscope.
The positive qualities of the surface remain, like, for example the cellular breathing.
Because of that, there were and will be results achieved, we have never been dreaming of.

If a StayClean POWERnANO product is applied onto a surface, the following will take place: nano particles, contained in a carrier material (water or alcohol), will be evenly spread over the surface. During the subsequent volatilisation of the carrier material - alcohol of course volatising faster than water - the nano particles independantly start affixing themselves to the substrate surface, align themselves and eventually form a network-like structure. This self-structuring process works downwards, sideways and upwards resulting in a 3-dimensionally linked network.

Surfaces that have been treated with StayClean:

  • stop the water, oil, dirt particles from getting into the surface in a 100% biological way.
  • have a better scratchproof ability and in addition a better protection from mechanic claims.
  • are easy2clean!! Pollution, algae, lime, salts, fungi, fats, oil, tar etc. are washed of by rain or running water.
  • are less susceptible for mould, bacteria, mite, etc.
  • have a better protection from UV-rays.
  • have a higher speed in sailing. Because the new surface of the boat is not only cleaner it is also remarkably faster.

The difference to all other traders:

We are the first and at the moment the only one who are working with the last generation of NANO coating special for GFK (for ship industry and synthetic material)

For the best result the right mixture of the carrier substances and the amount of the NANO particles is determining.

We are using the special mixture, which is especially for molecular surfaces of synthetic materials.

Even surfaces which are notoriously difficult to clean, like e.g. textured stone tiles, can be modified and refined with StayClean-POWERnANO products. A single application will already neutralize and deactivate the function of the capillary structures - soil and dirt will simply remain on the surface without actually sticking to it. This facilitates easy and efficient cleaning of otherwise very demanding surfaces. Generally a micro-fibre pad and water will be sufficient to obtain the desired results.

Ingredience: NANO particles on a carrier substance of Isopropanol, Silane and Titan

StayClean-Powernano products simplify hard working also in the household or everywhere, where hygiene and cleanliness are very important - on 100 % natural way!!!

New nano technology - copied from nature - for the sake of nature !

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